Ten Requirements to Improve America’s Trust In Government

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, has decided "mandate" is a word people reject, so he wants to replace it with "requirement.” It’s as if he thinks U.S. citizens are too stupid to notice it’s a distinction without a difference.

In my opinion, Dr. Fauci imagines himself a magician, and like a magician, is using contrary statements and endless distractions to keep us from seeing his manipulations.

 I’m glad, however that Dr. Fauci has introduced “requirements” and believes society should discuss them, and it got me thinking we should establish a few new ones.

It should be a requirement that:

1. No agency responsible for regulating an industry should be able to accept payment from that industry.

2. No mandate or requirement should be placed on the public by anyone who is unaccountable to the public. Only Congress or state legislatures should enact mandates or requirements. No more edicts from un-elected or unaccountable persons or bodies should be allowed.

3. No drug or vaccine manufacturer should be spared legal action brought against them for any injury caused by their product. If a manufacturer can’t weather lawsuits emanating from their products, then their drug or vaccine shouldn’t be considered safe enough for administering to our citizens.

4. All vaccine and drug approval testing should be conducted by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), not the manufacturer.

5. No government employee should receive royalties for work done on behalf of U.S. citizens. Like all other industries, copyright and patent rights arising from work paid for by the employer, should belong to the employer; especially when the employer is the “people.”

6. All Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approvals shall have committees of medical experts who review Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reported injuries. The committees shall have the power to pull the EUA after 200 reported deaths or 1,500 reported injuries. Furthermore, the medical experts may not be in the pay of any drug or vaccine manufacturer.

7. Only government employees who treat patients should be allowed to regulate how medical doctors treat patient illness.

8. Internet platforms that censor or block content, shall be treated as publishers and assume libel liability when they engage in such conduct.

9.Government employees who falsify documents or evidence in order to pass "requirements" shall be tried, and if convicted, jailed for life for attempting to steal the peoples’ freedom.

10. No industry regulated by a local, state, or federal government agency may make or cause to be made, any donation to a candidate who may vote on issues regarding the regulation of that industry or any agency regulating that industry.

Without these simple, clear requirements in place, it’s impossible for a reasonable person to trust the U.S. government.

Once these anti-corruption requirements are adopted, our faith will be restored that government, and its employees, are telling the truth and serving our interests — versus those of corporations or the deep state.

And it shouldn’t be difficult to get our employees in Congress to pass them.