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MLB-China Partnership Sending Ballplayers to U.S.

The New Year we’re moving into this week under the Chinese Lunar calendar is the  [...]

On Immigration, Administration’s Lawlessness Rules the Day

Imagine that a future president decides that Medicare is bankrupt and therefore a broken program.  [...]

Population Pressures Drying Up Great Salt Lake

Utah’s Great Salt Lake may disappear within the next five years, experts predict. A Brigham  [...]

‘Alternatives to Detention’ is a Failed Program

Republicans’ inability in the U.S. House of Representatives to move forward and confirm California’s Kevin  [...]

Mid-Term Voters Prefer Status Quo; That’s Bad News for Change Advocates

Voters are, to understate their mood, disenchanted with Congress. Yet paradoxically, voters re-elect, over and  [...]

Agents’ Suicides Latest Border-Related Tragedy

President Biden has a demanding schedule. Biden has places to go, people to meet, and  [...]

Let’s Hope the EAGLE Doesn’t Land

Since 2011, ethnic lobbying groups and select corporate interests have repeatedly introduced legislation to circumvent  [...]

U.S. Ecological Footprint Confronts Southwest Border Crisis

Ask the millions of migrants who have either entered the United States or are lined  [...]

Tech Workers Brace for Possible Omnibus Job-Killer

Like the proverbial bad penny that keeps reappearing, lousy immigration bills are hard to kill  [...]

What a “Tech Recession” Could Mean for U.S. Tech Workers

Founder's Corner Dear All, The long-awaited buyout of Twitter by Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally  [...]

Tech Layoffs May Give U.S. IT Workers Opportunities

Elon Musk, Twitter’s new Chief Executive Officer, and the firings he immediately called for that  [...]

Corporate America Gets Richer on the Backs of U.S. Workers

In August, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) announced that corporate  [...]

Immigration Restrictionists Brace for Looming Lame-Duck Session

Between today and January 3, 2023 when the 118th Congress convenes, the nation may undergo  [...]

Administration’s Cartel-Enriching Border Betrayal

Only a handful of insiders realize the true magnitude of the border crisis and its  [...]

Administration’s Latest Blue-Collar Jobs Giveaway

Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs released a memorandum which said, in short, that more immigration  [...]

If Bill Clinton Says It, It Must Be So

Executive Director's Corner Dear All: When asked about the need for order and control along  [...]

Sometimes You’re the Windshield and Sometimes You’re the Bug

Founder's Corner There’s an adage that goes like this, “sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes  [...]

Hispanic Voters Trending Red

For the last several presidential election cycles, media messaging has been consistent: candidates who captures  [...]

White House Shrugs at Chinese Espionage

A federal jury in Chicago recently found Chinese national Ji Chaoqun, 31, a member of  [...]

DeSantis Trolls America And That’s a Good Thing!

Founder's Corner Dear All, Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at the  [...]

Pro-Environment Platform a Mid-Term Winner

The latest mid-term election polling shows that Republicans and Democrats are dead even. In January,  [...]

Labor Sec. Walsh Confused about Facts

Give Department of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh grudging credit. Walsh may be the only honest  [...]

Sanctuary City Mayors Cry ‘Uncle,’ No More Migrants!

Sanctuary cities are once again in the headlines. But this time, sanctuary cities, the bane  [...]

China, with U.S. Help, Moves Closer to Global Domination

The announcement that a Chinese company purchased about 300 acres of prime North Dakota property  [...]

Unlucky L.A., First Stop in DHS Plan ‘B’ to Send Migrants to Interior

Just five months before mid-term elections, the Biden White House is concerned that ugly border  [...]

American Corporations – Cast Down Your Bucket Where You Are!

Founder’s Corner Dear All, This week I owe a debt of gratitude to Econodatus for providing research  [...]

Mexico’s Elite Police: Criminal Aliens Unwelcome

In what should be good news for Americans troubled by the nation’s open borders, and  [...]

Overpopulation Is No Laughing Matter

Executive Director’s Corner Dear All: In The People Who Hate People, Jerusalem Demsas of the Atlantic  [...]

Bob’s Obituary

Bobby Heath was a unique individual. He was passionate about his causes, family and friends.  [...]

Do American Workers Benefit from Globalization?

WATCH THE VIDEO youtu.be/PNh2FbRk7zg  Dear All: When agreements such as the North American Free Trade  [...]