Crimes Against Humanity

The U.S. Military has a legal theory dating back to the Civil War related to the Confederate commandant of the Andersonville prison camp.  This commandant starved, humiliated, beat and subjected Union Army prisoners of war to inhumane conditions.  While he hadn’t broken any statutory laws or treaties, the Union Army prosecuted and found him guilty on the basis that some acts are so repugnant, they violate the internal law that all men know within themselves. On this precedent, the Nazis were tried for “crimes against humanity”– crimes that violate every decent human being’s innate morality.

Because Nazism proved that individuals when induced by power, wealth, status, privilege and greed, can forget these innate values, the Allies published a guide enumerating some of the crimes against humanity .  Two major crimes that Nazi administrative and medical staffs were prosecuted, jailed and executed for were:

1. Manipulation of disease for potential military use against civilian populations and or troops.

2. Conducting medical experiments upon human beings without their fully informed consent.

These crimes against humanity are included under U.S. statutory law, U.S. military law, general international conventions and, of course, under natural law and are so severe they carry the death penalty.

Some people in military units and in government agencies subcontracting to military units around the world have been attempting to manipulate disease for potential use against civilian populations or military troops. They like to pretend they are making exotic animal diseases easier to catch so they can more easily combat and treat them if they jump to humans. They call this “gain-of-function research.”  This thin veil has always been an inexcusable wink wink nod nod attempt at a work around. Former President Barak Obama knew this when he ordered Anthony Fauci to terminate all gain-of-function research into Covid viruses.

Gain-of-function research is immoral and illegal and is always a crime against humanity.

Dr. Fauci, his team, and his associates worldwide who have participated in these research studies are not heroes. They are war criminals. They have killed more Americans than all our wars combined. They have killed as many people as Stalin, and the numbers are growing. They should not be celebrated in ticker tape parades. They should be tried and executed. All of them, the Americans, French, British, Germans, those in India and in China, too.

The story of Dr. Fauci’s crimes against humanity don’t end with his illegal gain-of-function research or his helping export that research to an avowed enemy nation. Dr. Fauci and many medical doctors, research scientists, pharmaceutical companies, and public administrators have also conducted medical experiments on civilian populations without their full informed medical consent.

Many nations have either mandated untested “vaccines” or acted as if the vaccines have been mandated when they haven’t. They have utterly failed to inform the public of the novelty of these new “vaccines”, and the fact that prior attempts with these technologies have resulted in every lab animal contracting immune disorders directly attributable to these “vaccines”.

Today I read a story of other governmental agencies demanding the FDA fully approve one or more of these “vaccines” so they can be mandated and so “lives can be saved”. For reasons I cannot understand, the administrative state is pushing forward with its plans to force these dangerous, unproven “vaccines” on the entire population.

The war crimes tribunals will happen. They are now inevitable. The only question now is whether they will be conducted with, or without, the veneer of civilization?