No, WE Are NOT All in This Together

California as broken golden dream has become cliché. For those of us who live here, that cliché is a bitter daily existence. Here in this COVID-19 summer of unrelenting groundhog days of privation, a heatwave and wildfires are upon us. Already, Gov. Gavin Newsom, the pet nephew of Vodka Nancy, the unmasked hair salon-goer who is third in line to the U.S. Presidency, is issuing special edicts for the peasants as the heat rises.

Throughout most of California this weekend the temperature reached over 110 degrees. Our governor is telling us to turn off air conditioners, or the power will be shut off. Seems like a distinction without a difference, except of course the rapidly melting contents of the freezer. All of the efficient per square foot air conditioned spaces in the state of California are still closed by Newsom’s COVID-19 edicts – edicts that he and his family ignore. They are, after all, important. So this summer, the normal zones of heat escape open to Californians were all closed. Beaches. Public swimming pools. Malls and their food courts. Restaurants, Movie theaters. All unavailable for relief, leaving only inefficient home air conditioning.

As my fellow Californians roasted this weekend in either voluntarily un-air conditioned homes or power-deprived home, let’s all take a moment to understand how we got to this sticky, hot, sweaty and uncomfortable place.

It was a series of virtue-signaling policies piling like building demolition debris atop each other. Solid looking, but incapable of supporting the slightest load.

California has had generations now of so-called environmental governors. California government environmentalism really doesn’t look at the WHOLE picture or the environment. As is often noted by commentator, author and farmer Victor Davis Hansen, it is focused on the sparkling clean-ness of the western coastal areas of the state. As the population grew, California failed to build any electrical generation plants in order to keep the California environment clean. Since the 1960s, we have been buying electrical power from outside of the state. The largest percentage of the power generated out of state is actually lost in transmission. It more or less leaks out of the wires. This power is generated by hydroelectric dams, natural gas, and nuclear and coal-fired plants.

Eventually under governors Brown and Newsom, and the “leadership” of the California Politburo known as the California state legislature, it was decided that California would only have “clean” energy generation. So this year natural gas electrical generation plants that were built a mere decade ago as clean plants and that had a 50-year design life have been shuttered and closed. No ecological waste there. Our Politburo is attempting to shutter the existing hydroelectric and nuclear plants. The have generated an edict that by 2030 all of California’s electrical needs will be supplied by wind, solar and battery storage. These folks are true believers that they will Save the Planet.

As the California Politburo has been shutting down California power generation by edict, it’s doubled down now on its stupidity, making it illegal to purchase more than a certain amount of “dirty” electricity from out of the state. The maximum dirty kilowatts decrease every year. California reasoned that if they created an artificial demand for “green energy” someone would step in and produce it. Obviously, no one from the Politburo has ever attempted to buy a sweater just like the one a company makes thousands of in Gray in, say, Dark Maroon with white stripes on the collar, or a faucet that’s produced in normal Chrome Plate in Black Chrome plate. Amazingly enough people who are making and selling a lot of something are loathe to take custom orders. No one is stepping up to fill California’s order.

The other reality no one in the California Politburo thought about – the dark secret their minds cannot admit – is that much of the rest of the nation HATES California. It’s not just weather envy. They hate the condescending virtue signaling. It sets their teeth on edge constantly being talked down to. For them, these stupid edicts are the ultimate win/win. They make no investment; they take no action, and California fails.

So more and more frequently in the heat of summer, in the unrelenting late August/early September hearth-of-Hell weather where the nights remain at 100 degrees, there will not only be no air conditioning, there will be no power to keep the ice cream in YOUR refrigerator cold. (Rest assured, Gavin’s ice cream and Vodka Nancy’s will remain cold, as will their air conditioning.) Because as the sun goes down and there is no battery storage, the power will go out. This Summer Suffering of Sweat will not be necessary. There will be plenty of extra power in the grid for your AC and your sorbet, but the Politburo won’t let PG&E or SCE buy it. You will sweat through steamy summer nights worrying that the power in the morning will come on in time to rescue your steaks.

Just like mask-less hair salon visits and wine tastings, the special people will not be sweating. Power to their neighborhoods will not be turned off. They and their work making your life ever more miserable for their ability to virtue signal at parties at Davos will continue.