California Election Fraud Central

California has been a center of rigged and certified election fraud by Democratic Party office holders for so long that no one even pretends it’s not happening anymore. Case in point, the results of last Tuesday’s election were called for Biden, 2-to-1, literally within minutes of the polls closing. The fix is in. and everyone knows the fix.

This election year more than 4.5 million California ballots will not be counted. Instead, those votes will be assigned using statistical models based on the votes allegedly already counted.  So much for the Democratic Party’s chant to “count every vote.”  Furthermore, the practice is neither new nor unusual.  It’s been happening for the last 30 years, and ballots not counted are estimated to range between 1.5 to 4.5 million. Within that group are the ballots from overseas military and state department personnel – quite a way to say “thank you for your service” – and  absentee ballots from conservative regions.

In a year when other states are casting their Electoral College votes based on the National Popular Vote count (NPV), this fudging by California could be very consequential. The aforementioned 4.5 million votes currently account for 3 million of the national popular votes assigned to Biden who has a projected 2.4 million NPV lead. If the actual tally of those votes doesn’t match the statistical model, electors could be wrongly casting their votes.

Those issues notwithstanding, there is yet another California elections issue, one examined by left wing journalist Greg Pallast. It’s the little problem of clearly and obviously rigged electronic vote counting programs.

In the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primary, Hillary Clinton allegedly beat Bernie Sanders 2-to-1 according to the official electronic count. Oddly enough, and almost everywhere else where ballots were hand recounted, Clinton’s 2-to-1 victory fell. In general, results showed she either won or lost precincts by 5 percentage points. These are swings in hand recounting of 28 to 38 points, so these aren’t clerical errors or software glitches, and they sure as hell aren’t a series of honest mistakes. These anomalies represent organized state office holder allowed election fraud that wasn’t unique to 2016, and which has been occurring for decades.

Later in the 2016 presidential election, Clinton officially won California by the same remarkable 2-to-1 margin. Purportedly, votes cast for Green Party candidate Jill Stein were lower by percentage and in absolute numbers, than those from the 2012 election. So, the Democratic Party office holders would have me believe that fellow disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters didn’t vote for Stein or Donald Trump, or the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, but instead fell in line behind the universally despised Hillary Clinton? Uh, sorry, the answer is “No, oh hell to the no.”

California is a one-party rule banana republic that has gotten away with fraudulent elections for the last 30 years. No matter which way the state votes in national elections in the future, the massive, clear and obvious election fraud by the Democratic Party must end now. I mean, you know, if every vote really does matter and Democracy and all….