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Clinton, Bush, Obama Align with Open Borders Groups

The latest chapter in the ongoing open border crisis involves four former first families associated  [...]

Population Growth Outpaces Housing Starts

The nation’s housing shortage, 6.5 million homes, is an out-of-control crisis, according to CNN’s dire  [...]

China Perpetrating ‘Greatest Wealth Transfer in History’

Customs and Border Protection agents have identified individuals from more than 150 nations attempting, mostly  [...]

Designate Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Asked at a March 8 briefing if the Biden administration is considering labeling Mexican cartels  [...]

Biden SOTU: Amnesty is Border Crisis Solution

Leading up to President Biden’s State of the Union speech, reporters speculated about how much  [...]

Parolees Arriving in U.S. Want White-Collar Jobs

President Joe Biden, the magic man who can convert illegal immigration into legal immigration with  [...]

CBO Population Projection Off-Mark

In January, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its projection for U.S. population growth from  [...]

Impoverished Migrants ‘Overwhelmed’ in America

New York is broke; the shelters are overcrowded, and the subway is a treacherous place  [...]

Population Pressures Drying Up Great Salt Lake

Utah’s Great Salt Lake may disappear within the next five years, experts predict. A Brigham  [...]

Mid-Term Voters Prefer Status Quo; That’s Bad News for Change Advocates

Voters are, to understate their mood, disenchanted with Congress. Yet paradoxically, voters re-elect, over and  [...]

Labor Force Participation Rate Falling, Bigger Drop Coming

Dramatic footage taken recently that showed thousands of migrants crossing the Rio Grande River, and  [...]

Sinema: The Calculating Independent

Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema made a big splash when she announced that she had left  [...]

Agents’ Suicides Latest Border-Related Tragedy

President Biden has a demanding schedule. Biden has places to go, people to meet, and  [...]

The Race to Earth’s Nine Billionth Inhabitant is Underway

The arrival of the planet’s 8 billionth human inhabitant, which the United Nations excitedly announced  [...]

Congress Makes Last-Ditch Amnesty Push

Emboldened by their better-than-anticipated mid-term election performance, the Democratic Party is entering the Lame Duck  [...]

White House Ignores Fentanyl Death Toll

In the days leading up to Halloween, local and federal law enforcement officials alerted parents  [...]

U.S. Marshals Ordered to Stand Down on Immigration Enforcement

The Biden administration has ordered the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency, the U.S. Marshals Service  [...]

Administration’s Cartel-Enriching Border Betrayal

Only a handful of insiders realize the true magnitude of the border crisis and its  [...]

Clinton’s Post-1994 Mid-Term Immigration Awakening

Every now and again, both during and after his two-term presidency, Bill Clinton espoused sound  [...]

White House Shrugs at Chinese Espionage

A federal jury in Chicago recently found Chinese national Ji Chaoqun, 31, a member of  [...]

GOP Pins Hopes on ‘Commitment to America’

With seven weeks remaining before the 2022 mid-term election, Republicans and Democrats have drawn their  [...]

Pro-Environment Platform a Mid-Term Winner

The latest mid-term election polling shows that Republicans and Democrats are dead even. In January,  [...]

DOJ May Intervene in Florida, Texas Transport Plans

Hillary Clinton, Yale Law School ’73, said on MSNBC that sending 50 illegal immigrants to  [...]

Labor Sec. Walsh Confused about Facts

Give Department of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh grudging credit. Walsh may be the only honest  [...]

Sanctuary City Mayors Cry ‘Uncle,’ No More Migrants!

Sanctuary cities are once again in the headlines. But this time, sanctuary cities, the bane  [...]

Newsom? DNC Better Look before Leaping

Despite Washington, D.C.’s August heat and humidity – perfect vacation weather – the nation’s capital  [...]

To Save Lives, Secure the Border

Earlier this week, San Antonio officials reported the deaths of 53 migrants, a total that  [...]

Housing, Education, Employment Challenges Await Resettled Afghans

Rental costs across the United States are rising at the fastest rate in decades. Because the  [...]

Nation’s Most Endangered River Provides Water to 40 Million Residents

  At a June 14 Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee meeting, environmentalists warned that  [...]

Unlucky L.A., First Stop in DHS Plan ‘B’ to Send Migrants to Interior

Just five months before mid-term elections, the Biden White House is concerned that ugly border  [...]