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Dear all,

It’s been two years since I had the honor of advocating on behalf of American tech workers in-person at the White House. Many of you will recall the story of how I got there, but in a nutshell, here it is.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) was just about to lay off 20% of its IT workforce and outsource hundreds of IT jobs. U.S. Tech Workers cried foul, produced a damning TV spot calling for the CEO’s ouster and broadcast it in the media markets where the TVA has a presence and in the D.C metro area. Our intent was to capture the attention of one man: President Donald J. Trump.

As I hoped, the president saw it, reacted, and then ultimately acted. Through our efforts, an Executive Order was signed, and we helped draft the rule changes that have safeguarded countless American workers.

While the summer of 2020, marks a significant victory, we’ve continued our progress and renewed our resolve.

In the summer of 2022, while Congress was in session, no immigration provisions were shoehorned into the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors for America (CHIPS) and Science Act, or the Inflation Reduction Act.

Moreover, the House may have inserted immigration provisions into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), but it’s unlikely these will survive in the Senate’s final bill. Last, the America COMPETES Act appears to have been abandoned.

But the clock on this Congress has yet to run out, so U.S. Tech Workers will stay vigilant and educate stakeholders against these provisions.

Not only do we continue to foil the efforts of the well-funded high skilled-immigration lobby, we plan to roll out a policy agenda to fix the problem. The solutions we propose include ending the dual intent of the visa and H-1B visa lottery and determining H-1B visas using a high to low-income scale with the most expensive salary coming first.

U.S. Tech Workers is serious about these reforms and getting results.

And things may be looking up. Republican candidates J.R Majewski of Ohio and Joe Kent of Washington will likely represent their districts in the 118th Congress. They understand that our current guestworker and visa policies fail to put Americans first and the government must do something about it.

To help new Congress members gain a better understanding of the problem and have effective policies ready, we’re creating a high-skilled immigration and tech worker visa guide. And after the 2022 midterms, we’ll make the rounds on Capitol Hill and put this issue on their radar.

We’ll also keep educating the public with our new video that explains the H-1B visa and how corporations take advantage of the visa system. A key takeaway is that employers aren’t abusing the system; they’re just using it exactly the way it was intended. Check it out below.

In September, I’ll be speaking about employment visas and the harm they do to our country at the National Conservatism Conference, in Miami, Florida and I hope you’ll join me.

In closing, please consider donating to U.S. Tech Workers so we can continue our advocacy work and more importantly, step up our game.  Also, please share this newsletter with your colleagues, friends and family.


Kevin Lynn
Executive Director
U.S. Tech Workers

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