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Moment of Truth Arrives for California Housing

The race to pave over what little remains of California’s open space continues. In 2017,  [...]

Population Pressures Drying Up Great Salt Lake

Utah’s Great Salt Lake may disappear within the next five years, experts predict. A Brigham  [...]

Canada Doubles Down on Record Immigration-Driven Population Surge

Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser recently announced a bold immigration plan that has serious long-term  [...]

Pro-Environment Platform a Mid-Term Winner

The latest mid-term election polling shows that Republicans and Democrats are dead even. In January,  [...]

Border Admissions Staggering, Mayorkas Admits

For immigration lawyers, these are heady times! Since January 2021, when the Biden regime moved  [...]

Noise Pollution, an Overpopulation-Related Health Crisis

Overpopulation’s negative consequences are well-known to the nation’s environmentalists. Too many people lead to overdevelopment  [...]

Wooldridge Delivers the Overpopulation Message for the 21st Century – Will We Listen this Time?

As soon as the reader digs into Frosty Wooldridge’s “America’s Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations,”  [...]

RIP: Richard Lamm, Our Ally for Stable Population and Manageable Immigration

On July 29, Richard D. Lamm, Colorado’s three-term governor, 1975-1987, died of complications from a  [...]

More Americans = Less Wilderness

For decades, federal immigration laws have been a hot-button issue. Nearly 55 years ago, on  [...]

Overpopulation Sparks Calif. Wildfires

California is once again in the news. As always, bad news puts the state’s latest  [...]

Elon Musk Might Be Right About a Global Population Collapse, But for the Wrong Reason

For some time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been using his ample platform to sound  [...]

Is the U.S. Full? No, It’s Overfull

The latest pro-immigration talking point is that since the U.S. has an abundance of wide-open  [...]

Post-Earth Day Thoughts about Sustainability

Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson’s daughter Tia recently said that her father would be “deeply  [...]

Continued Immigration Hard on Existing Immigrants, Native-Born Alike

A case can be made that those who suffer the most from never-ending immigration are  [...]

Overpopulation Looming Planetary Disaster Outranks All Other Issues

Readers of my work may recall a previous OP ED in June, in which I  [...]

Don Collins and the Population Bomb

Guest Post: Donald Collins’ article on the “population bomb” and the history of birth control  [...]

Don’t Blame it on Rio, Too Few Resources, Too Many People And the Road to LA

Last Friday evening I pulled into a bar to watch the opening ceremonies of 2016  [...]