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Migrant Invasion Angers Chicago’s Black Citizens

Newly sworn-in Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson faces the unenviable tasks of reducing the city’s soaring  [...]

Clinton, Bush, Obama Align with Open Borders Groups

The latest chapter in the ongoing open border crisis involves four former first families associated  [...]

More Visas in 2023; Bad News for U.S. Students, Tech Workers

A United Nations report predicted that India will surpass China with the dubious distinction of  [...]

Back in Vogue: Child Labor

Even though the nation is divided about immigration and its consequences, on one point, unanimity  [...]

Weaponized E-Verify Defeats Program’s Purpose

In what some observers called an act of corporate revenge, Eastern Fisheries recently fired more  [...]

Open Borders Fosters Increased Identity Theft

Nefarious activities of a criminal organization that targeted Texans of Asian descent were exposed last  [...]

K-12 Schools Struggle to Accommodate Migrant Students

Regardless of how bitter the immigration argument – and the debate routinely sinks to new  [...]

Impoverished Migrants ‘Overwhelmed’ in America

New York is broke; the shelters are overcrowded, and the subway is a treacherous place  [...]

MLB-China Partnership Sending Ballplayers to U.S.

The New Year we’re moving into this week under the Chinese Lunar calendar is the  [...]

On Immigration, Administration’s Lawlessness Rules the Day

Imagine that a future president decides that Medicare is bankrupt and therefore a broken program.  [...]

Population Pressures Drying Up Great Salt Lake

Utah’s Great Salt Lake may disappear within the next five years, experts predict. A Brigham  [...]

Clock Ticking on Mayorkas; House Files Impeachment Articles

The 118th Congress had barely convened before the Senate’s amnesty addicts traveled to the border  [...]

Interior Department Misguided Restoring America the Beautiful

A week after Joe Biden became president, he signed Executive 0rder 14008 (EO) that announced  [...]

‘Alternatives to Detention’ is a Failed Program

Republicans’ inability in the U.S. House of Representatives to move forward and confirm California’s Kevin  [...]

Mid-Term Voters Prefer Status Quo; That’s Bad News for Change Advocates

Voters are, to understate their mood, disenchanted with Congress. Yet paradoxically, voters re-elect, over and  [...]

EAGLE Act Dies Deserved Death in Lame Duck

Given the numerous landmines that faced immigration restrictionists during the always perilous, fraught-with-amnesty lame duck  [...]

Cows Call Green House Gas Charges “Udderly” Ridiculous!

  No longer satisfied with shutting down the oil and gas industries, this year saw  [...]

Immigrants: Assimilate, Become Citizens

Every year at Natale, my family gathered at my Sicilian-born grandmother’s home for the annual  [...]

Labor Force Participation Rate Falling, Bigger Drop Coming

Dramatic footage taken recently that showed thousands of migrants crossing the Rio Grande River, and  [...]

Sinema: The Calculating Independent

Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema made a big splash when she announced that she had left  [...]

Agents’ Suicides Latest Border-Related Tragedy

President Biden has a demanding schedule. Biden has places to go, people to meet, and  [...]

U.S. Ecological Footprint Confronts Southwest Border Crisis

Ask the millions of migrants who have either entered the United States or are lined  [...]

The Race to Earth’s Nine Billionth Inhabitant is Underway

The arrival of the planet’s 8 billionth human inhabitant, which the United Nations excitedly announced  [...]

Tech Workers Brace for Possible Omnibus Job-Killer

Like the proverbial bad penny that keeps reappearing, lousy immigration bills are hard to kill  [...]

Congress Makes Last-Ditch Amnesty Push

Emboldened by their better-than-anticipated mid-term election performance, the Democratic Party is entering the Lame Duck  [...]

Canada Doubles Down on Record Immigration-Driven Population Surge

Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser recently announced a bold immigration plan that has serious long-term  [...]

Elections Have Consequences

Executive Director's Corner Dear All: It’s Saturday morning, November 5th and I will undoubtably be  [...]

White House Ignores Fentanyl Death Toll

In the days leading up to Halloween, local and federal law enforcement officials alerted parents  [...]

For Immigration Expansionists, Everything Isn’t Enough

Imagine if White House officials, the Chamber of Commerce, the establishment media, corporate America and  [...]

Immigration Restrictionists Brace for Looming Lame-Duck Session

Between today and January 3, 2023 when the 118th Congress convenes, the nation may undergo  [...]